We saved a place just for you!


Amelia Life Church

We saved a place just for you! We can’t wait for you to become a part of our story. Who are we? We’re a humble group of imperfect people doing our best to show the light and hope of Christ to our community, and ultimately to the world, as we “grow small."

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1300 W. Ohio Pike Amelia, OH 45102

Sunday 9:00am | Traditional Gospel

Sunday 11:00am | Contemporary Worship

Wednesday 6:30pm | United Youth Group

Social distancing won’t stop Gods word! Tune in to our Youtube channel where we stream our services every Sunday morning at 11:00am All are welcome!


Our Current Series

Your name is your brand. It is typically the first thing that someone learns about you and can project ideas about you based on the preconceptions of others. Abram was titled Abraham when God chose him to become the father of his people. Jacob became Israel the day he wrestled an angel. James and John became Boanerges when Jesus called them to follow him. In this series we will explore how a name can give a person a purpose and direction and tells a story of where you’ve been and where you’re going. Join us for the series titled, “What’s In A Name?”

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The SON Cafe

Multiple times a week the Impact Center feeds hot meals to the homeless and people who are in need. 

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With your giving we can reach more people, feed more people, and clothe more people. Help us provide!

Life Church

We are a growing and vibrant church located In Amelia, Ohio. We would love the opportunity to join with you as the family of God! 

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